Aug 21

New EA traders available at FX Strategy

FXEA_logo_risoko-neu-300x300Hello everybody,

In addition to the already existing EA “Move ESMA”, FX Strategy has launched another autotrader from ESMA conform. The Infinity pursues slightly different strategies such as the Move as it evolves the next few weeks will show if it gets to the results of the Move.

Important in the forex market is a high-risk area in which external factors play a major role. In general, the forex environment is currently subject to strong volatility due to many global uncertainties such as the US Turkey crisis, upcoming Fed meetings. Here the EAs can show how well they adapt to the market with their strategies.

If you see the chance despite the risks and are interested in the automatic Forextrading can feel free to contact me.

May 29

The crypto event of the year – Cryptogold convention in Berlin!


Hello Crypto fans

on 16.6.2018 the time has come and the first official German cryptoevent of Cryptogold arrives in Berlin. Those who are interested in cryptomining and the opportunities in the crypto market should not miss the event and take the opportunity to exchange views with like-minded people. It will be a full-day event where various speakers such as Mao Lal (CEO of Cryptogold), David Glades and Alexander Erber (both very successful network marketers and top leaders at Cryptogold) and many other top speakers will be on stage.

The basictickets are available for 97 Eur.

Included in the Basic Ticket are:

  • 1-day seminar ticket
  • Exclusive pre-sale on the Real Estate Coin with 50% discount
  • Unveiling of the CryptoGold projects for 2018
  • Getting to know top speakers decorated with awards
  • Surprise gift worth 60 €
  • Free and individual check-up of your personal strategy worth € 97
  • “CryptoGold Successfully Use Package” worth 997 €

If you are interested, you can register  here.directly.

Happy Mining


Apr 14

FXStrategy the new autotrader in the Forex area is live!

FXEA_logo_risoko-neu-300x300Hello everybody,

For those who are interested in Forex trading but are not yet fit to execute the trades, FXStrategy now has a good chance to link their own brokerage account with the FXStrategy tradebot. This has the advantage that we receive tradesignals from experienced traders / strategies and thus automatically trade our account and, in addition, we have access to our money at all times as the broker account continues to be used only by us. The autotrader account has no access to it only sends the buy / sell signals. Important here is also when it comes to proven strategies in Forextrading is still a big risk to total loss. Since setting up the account and the tradebot costs some time and adjustments, I would like to thank anyone who is interested in contacting me so that we can work together to make no mistakes.


Happy trading

Mar 31

Nexus GLobal 1. Webinar after the Launch

Hello all,


below you find the first english webinar after the Launch of Nexus Global:

Mar 30

JT Foxx cooperates with Cryptogold

Hello all,

the world renowned wealth manager JT Foxx who also works for many Holywood greats such as John Travolta, Sylvester Stalone, .. coached now officially cooperates with Cryptogold and is partner of Mao Lal. Below is a video and interview on cryptomining by Mao the Cryptogold CEO and JT Foxx:

Mar 28

Launch of the new MultiCurrency Wallet Nexus Global

Hello everybody,nexus

Today the time has come and the new MultiCurrency Wallet System Nexus Global has been launched. This system allows us to quickly change various coins into GBP, Euro or USD and additionally offers its own mining, online casino, forex and crypto trading and much more in a single system. In addition, a separate credit card should come on the market shortly. This offers a very good alternative to Coinbase, which according to the terms and conditions is not actually allowed for Germany.

If you are interested in joining Nexus Global, you can register here

I am available for any questions

Mar 20

24.3.2018 the CryptoGoldCoin is launched

Hello everybody,

goldcoinOn 24.3.2018 the time has finally come and the long awaited Goldcoin from Cryptogold is launched.

Here are the details:

Short name CGC

  • Exchangeling planned in May
  • Protection: 1 CGC = 1 g gold
  • 1st official batch on 24.3. another batch planned in mid-April
  • Each 100 coins can be exchanged for 100g of physical gold

Happy Earnings

Jan 23

OneGram promotion extends to 25th February 2018!

The OneGram promotion is extended

OneGram Promotion

Vizionary launches a big OneGram promotion

Now the time has come and Vizionary officially launched the big OneGram promotion. Currently until the 25th of February this year, there are 3 times the amount of coins for the 388Eur package, 2888Eur and 8888Eur packages.

Further details about Onegram can be found here: Onegram

If you still want to get started here Register.

Jan 06

Hotforex – Forex trading with Quality

hf_logoHello everybody,

For those who are not just interested in cryptocurrencies and have some time to watch the currency market, Hot Forex is a very good broker. Hotforex offers options to trade in the currency market and can also be combined with automatic trade programs such as FX Strategy.

The forex trading is a high risk area that can lead to good profits but also high losses until total loss of the invested capital. Therefore, a demo account should be used before the official start with real money to gain experience.

More details and registration information can be found on the detail page Detailpage

Jan 01

Nexus Trailer

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